Create Smart Invitation Pages

RSVP & polls for any event, big or small. Recurring events too.

Get everyone on the same page.

Sample pages

Date poll
Weekly sport event
Birthday Party
Wedding invitation
(These are placeholders while we are working on the design.)
Zenvite is still a work in progress.

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How it works

  1. Create a page (no sign-up needed)
  2. Invite people by sharing the page
  3. Start receiving responses

Use Zenvite pages to…

  • Invite people and receive RSVP.
  • Capture registration data for events.
  • Schedule appointments & conduct polls.
  • Automatically remind everyone before each occurrence of a repeating page.

One-tap RSVP. A single tap or click is enough to respond. No need to sign up anywhere or to be member of a social network. Just enter your name for the first time. If you want to use your avatar and get notifications you can sign in with your email address, or via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Recurring events with automatic reminders. You are reminded before each occurrence. Everyone just taps the RSVP buttons in the email and the results are immediately available on the page. You can easily skip or reschedule individual occurrences. Repeating can be modified and turned on & off any time.

Everyone’s on the same page. All responses, the latest updates, and all comments are in a single place. The notifications and emails make sure everyone’s updated and nobody forgets about it. You just have to invite people. The rest takes care of itself.

Sophisticated options. Pages come comfortably configured out of the box but you can fine-tune the settings whenever you need more. For example: hide responses and comments; specify the minimum and maximum number of participants; set up a response deadline; and so on…

Why Zenvite

Secure & Smart

  • Privacy by design. You can use Zenvite anonymously or with multiple identities.
  • Restrict access to the page and hide data that are not for everyone.
  • Quick polls to find the date and place that’s good for most people.
  • Push notifications & email notifications.
  • Automatic reminders from repeating pages.
  • Advanced settings for special cases.

Better than Texting and Email

  • Start out from great templates.
  • People can respond with a single tap.
  • Every response and all the latest updates are in a central place.
  • Include custom questions in your page.
  • Use your contacts from Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  • Anybody can RSVP from any device, without signing in or downloading an app.
“We get an email every Friday and just tap ‘Going’ or ‘Not Going’. Nobody forgets it anymore.”
Marc, Senior Software Engineer
“Finally, I can organize everything easily, whether a simple appointment or a big event.”
Aniko, International Administration Manager

Be the most-organized organizer

Create a new Zenvite page whenever you need RSVP, polls, scheduling, or want to collect registration data for an event.

Organize events of all sizes:

  • meetings, appointments
  • conferences, workshops
  • sport events, trainings
  • parties, eating out
  • classes you give
  • weddings
  • etc.

Every page can be recurring. You can add new occurrences manually, or set up automatic repeating weekly, monthly, or in any other way.

Invite everybody!

The creators

I’m Gabor Lenard, a product designer and developer in Switzerland. You can find me on Twitter as @zengabor. I started working on Zenvite to help my buddies with the regular organizing of basketball and soccer games, and when going to the cinema or ordering food to the office. We wanted to avoid intrusive ads and having to create yet another account, so Zenvite was born.

Animals:  Balázs Gracza.

Fonts:  Underware.

Icons:  Feather  (mostly).

We’re grateful for comments & suggestions.

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